Anti-Naxal operation: Security forces to deploy variety of UAVs

Raipur/New Delhi: Security forces engaged in anti-Naxal operations in various states, including Chhattisgarh, have decided to get different variants of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) ranging from small drones to long-range surveillance ones.

Forces deployed in Maoist hotbeds of the country have recently begun to pick up ground conversation, movement and pictures with the help of these devices and authorities say they are handy in cases where quick information is needed like the abduction of Sukma district Collector in Chhattisgarh.

“We are now getting an array…a spectrum of medium to long-range reconnaissance UAVs. While the small ones give the security forces an immediate input of activity happening in the surrounding area, the big UAVs provide you with advanced information about a far away area where a operation is to be launched,” a top security official involved in the operations said.

The Union Home Ministry has already floated quality requirements in this regard and the procurement will be both from foreign and national manufacturers and suppliers of the UAVs, the official said.

The move comes in the backdrop of recent operations conducted in the jungles of Narayanpur district where the CRPF spy drone collected ground conversation and movement of Naxal cadres successfully while a mini-UAV called ‘Netra’ supplied good information about suspect hideouts in a limited area in Bijapur district.

The UAVs also conducted flights during the abduction of Menon in south Bastar and, according to sources, the battery operated device brought back “good information”. “The UAV was sent and it gathered whatever it could in the short flight. The secret eye is now functional and very helpful,” the official said.

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