Riot in Uruguayan Women Prison Is Under Control

Apr 30 (Prensa Latina) Uruguayan authorities announced today that the riot in the women prison of the National Rehabilitation Center is under control, after the intervention of anti riot police forces.

It was necessary to use force because until this morning there was no progress in the dialogue with the prisoners who rioted since Sunday afternoon, authorities reported to the radio program Fuentes Confiables of Radio Universal.

The parliamentary commissioner Alvaro Garcé and the judge in the case considered negotiation unfeasible and decided to go for the force entry of troops to control the situation in the facility located in this capital, reported Radio Universal.

In the early hours of Monday morning the situation was controlled at the center, where two policemen were reported injured, and there was some material damage.

This was the fourth major conflict in Uruguayan prisons in just over a week, which, according to the inmates, was carried out in solidarity with the 500 prisoners who are sleeping outdoors at COMCAR jail.

On April 25 more than a thousand prisoners of the COMCAR jail destroyed two modules of the facility and so far they are sleeping in the yard.

The riots began on April 20 with the murder of a guard and an inmate at Libertad penitentiary.

Because of this fact, the police decided to suspend visits in prisons and this caused the uprising of the inmates in other different places.

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