NPA attacks prompt tighter AFP security measures

MANILA, Philippines – Ground commanders were reminded to implement tighter security measures to minimize and preempt  unnecessary loss of lives following the recent atrocities that left at least 15 soldiers dead by the New People’s Army rebels in less than a week.

“The Army will use the recent atrocities as sources of valuable lessons that can be used to further hone the capabilities of every soldier. For this reason, some units have formed their respective investigating bodies to probe the bloody encounters and draw all lessons taken from these incidents,” said Army spokesman Major Harold Cabunoc in a statement Tuesday.

He added that unit commanders are also required to continuously train the soldiers on basic soldiery skills to counter the enemy’s tactics, and to require them to be vigilant at all times.

Cabunoc said that despite the attacks, the Army will continue to perform its duties even in depressed communities.

“It should be noted however that these attacks are deliberately planned by the NPA, intended to discredit the Army’s noble intentions of supporting the local government units in addressing the root causes of the insurgency problem through IPSP Bayanihan,” he added.

The IPSP Bayanihan is the military’s campaign plan against insurgency.

“Most of the attacks are carried out against lightly-armed peace and development teams  which are employed for non-combat missions in  the far-flung villages, purposely to instill fear among the people who supported the Army’s Bayanihan activities.” he also said.

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