Naxals keeping cops guessing

NAGPUR: Security forces in Gadchiroli have been left clueless by the Naxals who have stepped up their violence in the district since beginning this year.

With the spate of civilian murders and occasionally taking potshot on the security forces, the Naxals have not only managed to keep the heat on but also ensured that their strategy remains under the wraps. Emerging from the jolt of having to lose one of their most trusted leaders in Kishenji who was killed in encounter last year, the Naxals seem to be now materializing their aims of destabilizing the security forces and sending government on the backfoot in their strongholds across the nation. In Gadchiroli, Naxals had killed several civilians last year.

After most of the killings, they had left traditional red-lettered pamphlets citing the reasons where the act would be justified by calling the slain tribal a police informer. Security forces have been left in the lurch this year as Naxals have modified their strategies with far more terrorizing fallouts. Leaving the common villagers, the Naxals have started eliminating bigger fries which included the senior politicians of the place whom people had elected to different local civic administrative bodies.

Beginning with Bhamragarh’s panchayat Samity chairman Bahadurshah Alam in January, the Naxals have eliminated several other leaders too like Kewal Saokar Atkamwar of Nationalist Congress Party of India (NCP) last month who had been elected to the zilla parishad and panchayat samity of Etapalli several times. The Naxals have also eliminated a number of sarpanch and deputy sarpanch in the district especially in the remote villages. The rebels also killed at least three of their former cadres. Apart from the acts itself, the security forces have remained in dark regarding the motive behind the murders as Naxals had opted to leave no pamphlets behind. According to a senior police official, no Naxal pamphlets have been traced citing any reason for the murders they had committed this year.

“We are not sure about the background or reasons that have triggered the killings. The Naxals mostly kill on the pretext of eliminating police informers but we did not even know many of their victims this year,” said the police official. “Moreover, the killings have taken place in such places from where no telephone communications can be made and so there is no question of informing police,” he said. The official said that the specific reason of committing the heinous murders by the Naxals are not clear apart from a general reasoning that they are doing it to spread the terror.

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