6 SPs face Maoist threat

PATNA: Probably for the first time in the state, six SPs are facing Maoist threat. While two SPs have been threatened for not attending the Maoists’ (Kangaroo) courts, the other four are on the hit list for launching operation against the members of the ultra-left organizations.

The SPs who are facing Maoist threat are: Jamui SP Upendra Sharma, Banka SP Vikas Barman, Gaya SP Vinay Kumar, Gopalganj SP Nitasha Guria, East Champaran SP Ganesh Kumar and Rohtas SP Manu Maharaj.

An officer in the police headquarters told TOI that the case of Nitasha Guria and Ganesh Kumar is different in the sense that Maoists had charged them with abetting release of a notorious criminal, Santosh Jha, who was earlier in jail. Nitasha Guria was then the Sheohar SP. Maoists said that it was owing to laxity on the part of these two SPs that Santosh got bail and was released from Motihari jail. A police officer said that Santosh was a notorious criminal who had later joined Maoists’ outfit but later snapped his association with the ultra-left group.

Santosh had allegedly killed two employees of a construction company in Sitamarhi. Maoists charged that the police didn’t pursue the case properly and subsequently Santosh was released. Maoists then issued their order, through distribution of pamphlets, directing the two SPs to appear in their court otherwise …

The case of four other SPs is similar, in that they had launched massive anti-Maoist operations in their respective areas, which irked members of the banned organization. In order to settle scores, the Maoists issued threat to the SPs.

The police officer said the SPs have been instructed to move carefully in their areas with adequate police force to thwart Maoist design.

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