Dakshina Kannada reserve forests, a safe haven for Naxalites?

MANGALORE: Have Naxalites made reserve forests of Dakshina Kannada a safe haven for their cadres from Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka? Documents seized from a Naxal camp in Malavanthige in Belthangady taluk, which is with Intelligence Bureau (IB), hint that reserve forest of Belthangady is becoming a hotbed for Left-wing extremist groups.

According to intelligence sources, the region has not been used for conducting training camps or any such activities to gain support to the movement, but it has been used as a safe haven for Naxalites.

What has emerged from the available intelligence report is that region has a considerable support base for the movement and cadres from other parts of the country come here for a retreat. The literature seized from Malavanthige has a list of commands for Naxalites to follow during the training. It asks the cadres to follow a strict exercise regimen, to learn to speak and write Kannada fluently, to be vigilant, to keep an eye on enemy, and not to occupy one place for too long and keep moving.

On war strategy, the literature instructs that self-defence and elimination of enemies are the two steps that determine everything. “Prepare a map and strategy for the war, gather information about enemy and prepare plan for distribution, centralization and decentralization of force,” it reads.

The copy of balance sheet seized from the camp shows that they had spent Rs 15,300 for food, medicine, camp and other expenses during the period between November 16, 2011 and February 14, 2012. Old balance was shown as Rs 16,166 and after deducting the expenses, the balance was only Rs 866. On discipline, the literature says, “Discipline is equally applicable for cadres starting from leaders to members.”

Anti-Naxal Force inspector general of police Alok Kumar told TOI that they were yet to conclude whether the camp in Malavanthige and neighbouring areas were only safe havens for Naxalites. Regarding cadres from other states taking shelter in the district, he said that the matter was yet to be investigated.

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