Bolivia: Protests Leave Five Injured Police Officers

Five police officers were injured today in this capital by dynamite attacks during a demostration by the Bolivian Central Workers Union as told by Bolivian Interior Minister Carlos Romero.

Romero said the policemen were object of the violence by a group of people who threw dynamite cartridges during a protest demanding a salary increase.

Among the injured that were transferred to a clinic, there is a lieutenant colonel and a sergeant.

Romero presented photos of those groups involved in the riot with bags of dynamite cartridges, which were distributed before reaching the Murillo Plaza.

The Bolivian Central Workers Office (COB) started a 48-hour strike to demand a salary increase of over 7 percent, which is the one offered by the government of President Evo Morales.

That is why miners, university teachers and doctors made a demostration from the city of El Alto to the surroundings of the Government Palace.

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