NDF hits military for ‘fantasy’

The National Democratic Front-Negros yesterday dismissed as “fantasy-statistic” military claims, about the decrease in the New People’s Army armed strength and the surrender of its members, waning of their mass base, and isolation from the support of the people, because of Oplan Bayanihan.

NDF spokesperson Ka Frank Fernandez, in a statement he issued, said Governor Alfredo Marañon Jr. and the 3rd Infantry Division have parroted the official propaganda psywar line of the Armed Forces and national government, by repeatedly declaring that there are only 212 NPA members left in Negros.

Fernandez, however, said the people of Negros can never be deceived by what he calls lies and disinformation by the military, adding that the people have been honed in 43 years of civil war in the country.

He also justified the continuing waging of the armed struggle, which he claimed, addresses the fundamental interests of the workers and the peasants.

Earlier, Fernandez also hailed the perseverance of commanders and fighters of the NPA in Negros, in implementing the fighting tasks ordered by the Communist Party of the Philippines, to advance the protracted armed revolution.

He said the NPA has tempered, strengthened and accumulated gains, despite the brutal military campaigns of the military and police of the past and present administrations. *GPB

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