Power Plant Protest Continues in Hainan

More protests have broken out in China’s southern island province of Hainan over a planned coal-fired power plant. Authorities dispatched military police to Foluo Township in Ledong County on Tuesday after thousands of locals protested the day before.

Protestors stormed the Folou government building on Monday when officials failed to meet with them to discuss their concerns. In response, authorities dispatched truckloads of military police and set up checks around town.

[Folou County Resident]:
“A lot of trucks have been hauled in, maybe 50 or 60 groups of military police and police have been dispatched to Foluo town. A lot of them are here.”

Last week authorities used teargas in nearby Yinggehai town to quell demonstrations that have gone on for the past month.

The coal-fired power plant is a project by state-run power producer, the China Guodian Corporation. It pulled plans to build the power station in Yingghehai town after local residents protested. Authorities now want to build the plant in Foluo, but residents there are also opposing it because of environmental concerns. They say they will continue to protest despite attempts by authorities to stop them.

[Folou County Resident]:
“The coal-fired power plant will affect our agricultural production here, and make us unable to grow anything, making life tough for farmers. If authorities do not resolve this and push ahead with the plant we will continue to make trouble for them.”

A Ledong County official declined to comment on the protest and on whether authorities plan to continue with the power plant when we contacted them on Wednesday.

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