Occupy and the allure of the petty bourgeois

The spontaneous violence of the proletariat..

...and the spontaneous "civil discourse" of the petty bourgeois

For the reformist and revisionist left ensconced within academia, the non-profit industrial complex and the labor bureaucracy, the violence and will for struggle of the proletarian strata outside of the institutional structures integrated within the bourgeois state is fundamentally dangerous and disturbing- a threat to their role as agents of counter-insurgency.

Hence the hand wringing over the summer riots in England, the cringing, the hypocritical moral qualifications and the complicity with the hysteria of the capitalist media displayed by broad segments of the left.

The voices which saluted the impressive will to resistance and combat displayed in these events-a will which is precisely the raw material out of which conscious revolutionary movements are constructed were few and far between.

Likewise we can note the immense fascination with the movement to defend collective bargaining in Wisconsin-a movement which welcomed the participation of state troopers and prison guards within its ranks-versus the rather tepid response to the hunger strike of prisoners in California a movement which displayed much greater political clarity and was indicative of much greater discipline and cohesion on the part of its participants then the lukewarm populist festivities targeting Gov Walker.

Now the same left has become positively obsessed with Occupy and its supposedly unique potential. Some go so far as to claim its historically unprecedented.

The common thread between all these responses are clear: Movements to defend the diminishing privileges of the labor aristocracy and petty bourgeois against the chronic crisis of imperialism are saluted and glorified as the centerpiece of the historical process and the real barometer of political relevancy.

While the desperate movements of the most oppressed core of the proletariat are either rejected and slandered or assigned a secondary significance largely in proportion to how much open violence they display and hence how threatening they appear to the socially privileged.

For the petty bourgeois left the life or death struggle of those consigned to super-exploitation and torture within a genocidal context of national and class oppression plays second fiddle to the rage of unemployed collage grads frustrated that they will never have the same living standards as their parents .

Furthermore the pluralism, incoherence and naïve idealism characteristic of the spontaneous opposition of the petty bourgeois to capitalist offensive against its privilege instead of being understood as dangerous obstacles to overcome are lauded as valuable assets.

This is how the state integrated and opportunist left shows its conscious or unconscious commitment to the preservation of capitalism. The violence of the proletariat is condemned or ignored and the incapacity and confusion of the petty bourgeois is encouraged.



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