Unemployment Fuels Unrest in Southern Tunisian Phosphate Mining Town

Clashes erupted between civilians and the police for the second time this weekend in Om Laarayes, a small town in the governorate of Gafsa, in southern Tunisia on Sunday.
Clashes took place after the announcement of job offers at the Phosphate Company of Gafsa yesterday, which left many young locals jobless.
Even though security measures were taken beforehand, especially near the Yazaki plants of Om Laarayes, inhabitants of the area defied the curfew announced on Saturday.
Angry civilians expressed their dissatisfaction with the results of the recent round of hiring by throwing stones and molotov cocktails at the police, who dispersed the crowd using tear gas.
Demonstrators are mostly unemployed, recent college graduates, who have been demanding jobs. The hiring practices of the Gafsa Phosphate Company have received more criticism from the local community since the Tunisian Revolution.

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