Workers protest in southwestern Iran

About 2,000 Iranian workers at the Karoon Sugar Cane Industry in Shooshtar have begun demonstrating against their lack of benefits and wage increase.

ILNA reports that today, Tuesday, 2,000 workers gathered in front of the factory gates to protest against management’s failure to provide any benefits or wage increases in the past several years.

The executive director of the Khuzestan House of Workers confirmed the news about these seasonal workers, who specialize in cutting sugar cane. He added that many workers have reached retirement age but cannot retire because management has failed to pay into their retirement fund.

The Karoon Sugar Cane Industry has more than 12,000 workers and employees, and is considered the biggest producer of sugar cane in Iran and the Middle East.

While white sugar is the factory’s main product, it also makes chipboard, paper, furfural and animal feed.

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