Unarmed fighters pelt stones‚ affect farewell to arms

KATHMANDU: The April 12 deadline to complete the integration process appears unattainable for the second phase of voluntary retirement has been affected in different cantonment sites on Tuesday.

Chaos and uncertainty ruled the First Division Cantonment in Chulachuli, Ilam and the Shaktikhor-based Fourth Division in Chitwan after dissenting Maoists pelted stones inside the cantonments on Monday night upon the dissatisfaction against big wigs’ decision over the fate of fighters.

Dissatisfied over the combatants’ ranking, dissenters also held the sit-in demanding that the division make public details of the accounts and warned to halt the integration process if their demands are not addressed.

Despite Special Committee (for Supervision, Integration and Rehabilitation of Maoist Combatants) teams reaching all seven divisions) the process of bidding adieu to Maoist combatants opting for the second phase of voluntary retirement has not begun decently.

Though their farewell programme was supposed to begin yesterday, it could not happen as the top PLA commanders were in the capital to finalise the list of the combatants opting for retirement and integration.

As decided by the political parties, those opting for voluntary retirement would be sent home with cheques, while the remaining from 9,705 would be brought under NA’s command for integration.

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