Bahraini police hurt in bomb blast

Dubai: Seven Bahraini policemen were wounded, three seriously, when a home-made bomb exploded during a protest near the capital yesterday calling for the release of an activist who has been on a two-month hunger strike.

Protesters threw petrol bombs at riot police to lure them into Eker, a Shia village outside Manama, before the bomb was set off.

“We consider this an act of terrorism,” said an interior ministry spokesman.

On Sunday, Bahrain refused to extradite the jailed Bahraini political activist, Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, also a Danish citizen, despite a request from Denmark to hand him over because his health was worsening.

Daily protests to demand his freedom have been taking place across the small Gulf Arab island state, which last year crushed protests against the Sunni royal family, mostly by majority Shia Muslims.

Khawaja’s lawyer said on Friday that the activist had been moved to a military hospital and was being fed intravenously.

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