Jordan: Egyptians protest against deportation, clashes

(ANSAmed) – AMMAN, APRIL 9 – Jordanian anti-riot police on Monday clashed with scores of Egyptian expatriates protesting near Egyptian embassy in Amman against deportation of workers.

Eye witnesses said several Egyptian nationals were hurt when the gendarme forces at the tacked demonstrators and reportedly two policemen were slightly hurt and a police van was hit. The workers were protesting against measures by the government to raid homes and work place of Egyptian workers and deport them through the port city of Aqaba.

Egyptian workers say Jordanian authorities use brutal measure against foreign laborers and often target them to squeeze fines from their earnings.

According to Egyptian diplomat, the protest comes following improper treatment by Jordanian security forces against workers.

Jordanian officials say the measures are necessary to organize the labour market in a bid to stop growing number of illegal workers and provide jobs to local workforces in a country that suffers from 13.5 percent jobless rate.

Jordan is home to nearly 300,000 Egyptian expatriates who work in tourism, services, construction and farming sectors.

The government recently announced measures to organize its chaotic labour market and started a campaign to streamline illegal work force and urged expatriats without proper work permits to rectify their legal status or face deportation.

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