Long Live The 40th Year of Foundation of Our Party TKP/ML!

Comrades, Revolutionaries, Migrant Workers and Toilers

Our party TKP/ML which was founded on 24th April 1972 by the communist leader of the proletariat of Turkey, İbrahim Kaypakkaya, is now 40 years old. We greet our party’s 40th anniversary of foundation with great joy and enthusiasm. We salute our party TKP/ML on the 40th year of foundation!

On the 40th anniversary of foundation we commemorate our founding leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya and our entire party martyr’s. Our martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for the revolution, have a great role in bringing our party to this current day. We will keep their memory alive by upholding our struggle.

Our party established a new epoch in terms of the revolution in Turkey when it was founded on 24th April 1972. As the suc-cessor of the TKP under the leadership of Mustafa Suphi, and through breaking our country’s pacifist and revisionist tradition our Party who continues the legacy of Mustafa Suphi affirmed to the universal scientific theory of MLM and was able to come to very significant conclusions regarding the reality of our country.

Comrade Kaypakkaya’s contribution in building our party’s theoretical views is indisputable. His views continue to enlighten our path. İbrahim Kaypakkaya’s analysis of the socio-economic structure of Turkey, and consequently the analysis of classes in Turkey, the first stage of revolution, the path to revolution,united front, national question, and analysis on Kemalism are evaluations that still reserves its importance in directing political discussions of today.

Brothers and Sisters
Our party TKP/ML’s struggle history of 40 years  is full of great lessons and experiences. When our party was founded, it was a young party. We lost our founding leader less than a year after our foundation. Following the first defeat, without being able to carry out the expected breakthrough and it suffered important losses of power. Our party, which discarded into the sea of strug­gle with very limited powers, took a historic step forward with the first conference and made a major breakthrough from regional activities to central activities. During this period, our party could not take the required leap forward due to the occurrence of various fractions and internal debates within the party.

As many other revolutionary organisation, our party was caught unprepared by the 1980 military fascist junta.Our party faced its second defeat and İost a significant number of its mem-bers and cadres to the enemy’sprisons. With dozens of martyr’s, under the junta conditions, our party, who continuously persisted to the struggle, was one of the rare numbered parties who fought against the junta. Despite of the loss of dozens, our party never fail into pessimism or intimidation. The 1980 military fas­cist coup and the defeat of revolutionary movement of Turkey, began the revolutionary movement to seek new quests.

Unlike some elements which aggregated around legal party approaches and legalism and liquidationism that surrounded the revolutionary movement, our party TKP/ML, with limited in power, continued its path with maintaining MLM as a guide and believing the strategic and tactic struggle methods comrade Kay­pakkaya set forth. İt came to this day without swerving, deviating from its way or confusing its path. Our party TKP/ML has matured with its 40 years of struggle. As a party, which has strong experiences, and as being the party of new breakthroughs and changes, our party continues its path in the struggle for Democratic People’s Revolution.

As the party of the working class, by relying on the worker-peasant alliance, our party takes it as priority to unite all classes and ranks that are in favour of the revolution under the united front. İt also gave/gives importance to the friendship and common work amongst the other forces of the revolutionary move­ment in Turkey, and has managed to gain an august place inside the revolutionary movement.

Comrades, Revolutionaries, Toilers
The only power to throw this bedraggled system and their imperialist masters into the trash of history in our country, is the power of the working class and its allies. No struggle will reach its real aim without the party of the working class and without creating correct leaderships. We can see this in a very recent example of the uprisings of Africa and the Middle East. We could clearly see how the ruling powers İost their governments in Af­rica and the Middle East. Because communist parties didn’t lead the hundreds and thousands of masses who took on the streets, the degraded governments fell into the hands of the so called democrats and liberals, however in reality the power went back into the hands of the lackey’s of the imperialists.

Brothers and Sisters

İn our country, our party’s leadership will create the real people’s power. İt will be our party, which will solve the national question on a correct basis. İt will be the workers in power who can truly end the exploitation of the workers. The liberation of peasants, civil workers, students and toilers of various beliefs, will happen with the Democratic People’s Revolution.

Lets turn the 40th foundation anniversary of our party into a new breakthrough. Let’s explain our party to the masses. Let’s take the place of the Communist Party within the class struggle to the masses. Let’s participate in the events organized for the 40th anniversary of our party.

We invite all our party supporters, toiling people and revolutionary brothers and sisters to our central event on 19 may 2012 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our party.






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