Sudanese Police Fire Tear Gas, Arrest 10 During Funeral Protest

Sudanese police used tear gas, batons and warning shots near the capital, Khartoum, to disperse a funeral procession for a student activist allegedly killed by security agents, a lawyer and witness said.

Police arrested at least 10 people at the procession, which took place yesterday in city of Omdurman, adjacent to Khartoum. About 4,000 mostly student protestors participated in the funeral of Abdel Hakim Abdullah Eissa, who studied engineering at Omdurman Islamic University and was allegedly killed by Sudan’s National Intelligence Security Service on April 2, his lawyer, Abdul Moneam Adam, said by phone today.

Marchers chanted slogans against President Umar al-Bashir’s government, such as “a student killed is a nation killed” and “Bashir is a killer,” said Najla Sid Ahmed, a video blogger who attended the rally.

“I was trying to take footage of the police brutally beating up protestors and arresting young students when two security men surrounded me and started beating me on my back and head,” Ahmed said by phone from Khartoum. “They kept on insulting me and calling me names, saying, ’so you want to bring down the regime, don’t you?’”

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