Maoists train two batches of new recruits in State

GUWAHATI, April 2 – The Maoist rebel groups have been gradually establishing their roots in Assam and according to information available with the security forces, at least two batches of new recruits of the Maoists from Assam have already completed training. One member from Assam has already been inducted into the Central committee of the Maoists to give a boost to the activities of the groups in Assam.

Highly placed official sources told The Assam Tribune that one batch of the new recruits were trained by cadres of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (I-M) in India-Myanmar border area but it is not known whether the training took place inside India or across the border. The second batch was trained in Jharkhand. Those who received training have already returned to Assam and the possibility of them indulging in acts of violence cannot be ruled out.

Sources revealed that the total strength of the Maoists in Assam would be not less than 70 persons but not all are armed cadres. Aditya Bora, who was arrested in a Maoist camp in Orissa, is supposed to the main man of the Maoists in Assam and after his release on bail, he is running the organization. The Maoist cadres can be categorized into armed cadres, political cadres, facilitators and sympathizers etc.

The Maoists have strong links with the PLA of Manipur and NSCN (I-M) and in fact, they signed an agreement with the PLA long back. Sources revealed that according to information available with the security forces, the NSCN (I-M) also sent “trainers” to Jharkhand to train up Maoist cadres. As the NSCN is under cease-fire agreement with the Government of India, the matter was taken up with the leaders of the outfit.

No link between the hardline faction of the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) and the Maoists has come to light so far and “according to information available with the security forces, there would not be any problem between the outfits as long as the Maoists do not intrude into the territory from where the ULFA has been collecting money.”

The Maoists have not indulged in large scale extortions as yet and only limited extortions are carried out for their own survival. Sources said that the Maoists have strong bases in the Amarpur area of Sadiya and Aditya Bora is suspected to be hiding in that area. The Maoists have also established a base in the Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh, sources added.

Sources admitted that the Maoists are not recruiting youths haphazardly without examining the credentials of the youths and the training include arms training as well as indoctrination on the political ideology of the Maoists.

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