Ford unit shutdown continues

KATHMANDU: Workers at the Shwayambhu-based Go Ford Autocare have shutdown the service centre since last three weeks.

All Nepal Auto Mechanics Workers’ Association has shut down the unit asking the management for 100 per cent pay and perks hike since March 18,though the UCPN-Maoist affiliated unit of the mechanics association have been on strike since March 11.

The management has asked the authenticity of the pro-Maoist workers union saying it cannot fulfill the demands of the workers as the striking workers have registered the union in a separate unit’s name. “The union has been registered in the name of Go Ford Unit, not in the name of Go Ford Autocare in Shwayambhu or Go Ford Automobiles in Thapathali,” it said.

However, the management has asked the workers to sit for talks opening the autocare unit. “We want the union to start work and sit for talks,” the management said, adding that the union had put forth its 21-point demand on March 9. “Most of their demands have been already fulfilled as they are enjoying salary and benefits according to labour law of the country,” the management said. “But their demands like 100 per cent increase in salary, allowance and loan for housing can not be addressed at present.”

Last year, on February 13, workers went on strike with 11-point demand but both the union and management settled the issue through talks agreeing that there will be no strike for another two years.

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