The apparatus of preemptive pacification

"And we must keep in mind that for Marxism, there is only one tactic with regard to the masses, to draw a sharp line of demarcation between the broad masses, who ascend from the depths, and the filthy, decaying scum that floats unsteadily on the waves as a fragile base for bureaucratic trade unionism and counterfeit workers’ parties, truly “bourgeois workers’ parties.”

The non-profit machinery and NLRB labor bureaucracy serve the function of preemptive pacification, of the containment of social tension within the confines of normal functioning of bourgeois order.

The ideological hegemony of capital is continually reproduced through the capitulation to the alienated consciousness of the proletariat and the oppressed; disassociation imposed by the violence of bourgeois ideology is presented as the limit of the politically possible.

This is marketed as realism. The subjectivity of being constituted as an object of capital’s process of accumulation is eternalized and naturalized. A pragmatic approach to solving “practical problems” is the weapon of opportunism against the development of a proletarian political line-for the absence of a proletarian line constructed continually through ideological struggle on the level of the collective means only the undisputed rule of the bourgeois line presented as “non-dogmatism”.

Materially such a perspective its hegemony and diffusion is based in the income to be gained from the soft police work of social pacification of “community relations” in its most sophisticated form through foundation grants and union dues.

The rhetoric of “coalition” and “base building” refers in the discourse of the opportunist social technocrats not to the diffusion of a proletarian political line among the broad mass of the exploited but to the formation of coalitions between the opportunist organizations themselves in order to better monopolize available sources of funding.

The SEIU staffers speak proudly of their efforts organizing prison guards, and the revisionists denounce opposition to voter registration drives and petition signing pressure politics which disarms the masses as “racism”. Meanwhile the police carry out executions in the street as activists congratulate themselves for another year of hard work demanding minor legislative adjustment to the minutia of class domination secure in their isolation from the working class in whose passivity they place supreme confidence. When this confidence proves unwarranted they don the orange vest of peace police and demand calm and orderly assembly denouncing the outside agitators like any vintage anti-communist news reel.

The union bureaucracy is not the working class and the petty bourgeois racketeers of the snake oil of privilege politics are not the colonized. The roomfuls of professional organizers sampling panel discussions of academic celebrities for a “reasonable” registration fee are not the masses.



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