Shenzhen Workers Strike, Demanding Better Conditions

Hundreds of workers at a factory in Shenzhen in southern China have been on strike since the morning of March 29th. Employees at OHMS Electronics CO, an affiliate of Japan Panasonics, have brought up twelve points for improvement. These include a pay raise, better living allowances, permission to ask for vacation, etc. They vowed not give up until their goals are reached.

Employees brought out plastic chairs and gathered on the empty grounds outside the company building. They held up banners demanding a change of working shifts, confirmation of salary increase and the re-election of a union president.

[OHMS Electronics Personnel]:
“We are talking about it today. Now our investors are talking to the employees about a plan to increase salary. They are talking about it right now. The employees say the salary is too low, the benefits are poor, just these sort of things.”

“How many people are on strike?”

[OHMS Electronics Personnel]:
“There are a few hundred. Our company only has a few hundred people.”

[Mr. Lai, Attorney]:
“Our nation’s laws do not include the word ‘strike,’ [if you look at] all of the laws and legal codes, none of them have the word ‘strike.'”

Strikes over poor working conditions happen frequently in China. Also this week, 1500 employees in Mudanjiang City of Heilongjiang Province protested the government’s lack of worker compensation. Workers in black jackets took over the streets, parading to City Hall to submit petition materials.

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