After Newborn Dies Over 1,000 People in Zhanjiang Smash Birth Control Office

More than 1,000 angry protesters in Guandu Town of Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, descended upon the local “One Child Policy” office, smashing it. A woman and her 2-month-old infant were detained there for eight days. When the infant became ill, he was not allowed to see a doctor. The baby died within a couple of days. Upon learning what happened, the enraged public protested, according to netizens.

According to netizens, on March 21, thousands of people in Guandu Town angrily smashed the One Child Policy Office at noon. They shattered the glass windows and the entrance gate, and tore down the office sign.

A netizen in Zhanjiang blogged that several riot squads had gathered in Guandu to crack down on the protest.

A Guandu Police Station officer told an NTD TV reporter on Friday that more than 100 riot police were sent to the scene.

The police also indirectly confirmed that one child policy offices illegally detain citizens: “If you give birth to a second baby, they will take you to their office. If you don’t pay them enough in fines, they won’t let you go.”

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