Rio students protest military coup anniversary

RIO DE JANEIRO — Hundreds of students staged an angry protest outside Rio’s military club as retired senior officers marked 48 years since the coup that ushered in two decades of military dictatorship.

The demonstrators, including many relatives of victims of the 1964-1985 dictatorship that left 400 people presumed dead or missing in Brazil, on Thursday chanted “murderers,” “torturers” or “cowards, we are waiting for the truth.”

They shouted insults at the elderly retired officers as they emerged from their luncheon meeting in central Rio and made their way to a nearby subway station, protected by a police cordon.

Angela Barroso, a retired lawyer, told AFP that while she was a law student in 1968, she was arrested at her university, tortured and jailed for five months.

“You never forget torture,” she said.

Unlike other South American countries that had right-wing dictatorships and political abuses and killings during the 1960s-80s — Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile — Brazil has never put the perpetrators on trial.

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