Maoist publications face closure

VISAKHAPATNAM: Maoists are worried about the closure of its literary wings in various parts of the country. Dwindling cadre strength and shortage of manpower in its literary wings, many Maoists publications are facing closure.

As of now, only ‘Awami Jung,’ known as Jung, the main internal journal of the party edited by the central committee leaders, is available for the Maoist rank and file. Other than this, no journal or magazine is available for them. A total of five printing units were closed by the party leadership due to shortage of editorial staff as many cadres had lost lives in recent encounters or shifted to other areas. Except in Dandakaranya where Maoists carry out printing activities in deep jungles, no publication is brought out from anywhere. Sources said recruitment of educated youth in the squads has, more or less, stopped in the last one decade and this has led to serious dearth of ‘able hands’ to run the publications. Most of the recruitments are taking place in the tribal areas where the youth are either uneducated or have only elementary education.

In fact, enrollment of students from the universities, regional engineering colleges and other institutions, which were known as recruitment hubs, has gradually declined. “The youth preferred IT and professional courses and refused to be drawn towards Maoist ideology,” a senior IPS officer said.

The Maoists in the early days of People’s War Group (PWG) used to depend on the ML party for printing leaflets and posters. They set up printing units in north Telangana, south Telangana and coastal Andhra regions.

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