SOMALIA: Mogadishu port workers on strike demanding removal of port management

Mogadishu (RBC) The workers of Mogadishu port are in their third day on strike demanding removal of port management alleging corruption against them, RBC Radio reports.

The strike which begun on Friday continues until today as hundreds of workers, mostly aged men were demanding immediate intervention from government.

The demonstrators gathered at the front gate of the port, Somalia’s main seaport chanting anti authorities slogans whom they accused of stealing workers’ wages and tax fraud.

“We cannot wait until everything is lost. Our wages are being stolen by greedy manager.” Hassan Jim’ale, 60 who works as a porter said. “Look my face I am old enough and I do not get my wages that I earned…, we call the prime minister, the president and the cabinet to sack this man from the port.” He added.

A spokesman for the workers told local media that they will maintain their protest until the transitional government intervenes the matter.

“The strike came after spate of violations against the rights of workforces.” Abdulkadir Ahmed who speaks on behalf of the Mogadishu port workers said adding that the authority of the port closed the doors from the workers’ complains. They believe the port manager is close alley to Somalia president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, a major cause that will restrict suing the manager.

Mogadishu port manager Seyid Ahmed declined to respond when contacted by RBC Radio.

Meanwhile, several local merchants have on Sunday called the government to open investigation against authorities in the port.

Somali government takes high taxes and port charges as many local traders complain the poor management at the port.

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