Put world people’s war on the agenda

"The masses clamor to organize the rebellion, and therefore the Party, its leaders, cadre and militants today have a peremptory obligation, a destiny: To organize the disorganized power of the masses, and this can only be done with arms in hand. We must arm the masses bit by bit, part by part, until the general arming of the people."

World imperialism cannot be overcome by prefigurative isolationism, by technocratic adjustment of the relations of exploitation through the pressure politics of foundation funded, state authorized non-profits and labor organizations or by the electoral maneuvers of the thousand and one rotten variants of social democrats and revisionists.

The seizure of the existing capitalist state by the reformist and populist left as evidenced by the experience of Bolivia and Venezuela only provides the foundation for the development of a fascist process of cooption in George Jackson’s sense of the term.

Nor will it be demolished by the existentialist thrill seeking of self isolating minorities living out their fantasies of uncompromising negation of the existing order through the hopeless armed struggle of small groups or idealist attempts to “live” communism now.

The way forward is the construction of the new power through the destruction of the old-the build up of red power and disarticulation and destruction of the apparatuses of the imperialist state through a protracted process of extra-institutional mass action and development of counter-power based in real material infrastructure a process which over time leads to the emergence of armed struggle on a mass level.

This protracted construction/destruction process is not produced spontaneously from the everyday dynamics of the class contradiction within the imperialist social formation-it requires the coalescence of the most advanced elements of the masses into a single strategically centralized machine for the purpose of welding the various mass struggles into a coordinated unitary process directed towards the conquest of power.

As such its necessary first of all to train cadre, to develop a coherent and homogeneous political line and build strong and efficient organizational infrastructure-to begin without delay to assemble the nuclei from which the revolutionary party can be built.

One does not go into battle without first having assembled an army and trained its personal-this elementary principle of political warfare is blithely forgotten by all the movementists united in their worship of spontaneity and action for the sake of action-whether the action in question be a petition drive or a window smashing the error is the same.

We must organize coherent political structures based in a comprehensive understanding of historical and dialectical materialism and of the most advanced revolutionary experiences of the 20th century, Bolshevism and Soviet power, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the People’s Wars which continue today and provide a globally applicable model for the development of proletarian counter power.

The task at hand is to carry forward the ideological struggle against on the one hand the normative anarchism of the North American left today and the refusal of strategy and program it entails and on the other hand the revisionist sects (WWP, PSL, much of FRSO, RCP USA, Kasama etc) and the non-profit industrial complex preeminent cesspool of opportunism.

To develop disciplined cadre collectives across the country and to crush the “anything goes” individualism which pervades a left subordinated to the hegemony of petty bourgeois ideology.

To unite the leading edge of the masses around Maoism as the most advanced synthesis of the experience of the proletariat in its struggle to abolish itself-peoples war for the seizure of power and cultural revolution till communism.

To destroy the influence of the NGO’s and NLRB labor bureaucrats over the struggles of the masses and develop autonomous organs of struggle at the workplace and neighborhood level integrated within a strategy for peoples war.

To develop a clear proletarian military line for the seizure of power in the United States based off the assimilation of the historical experience of both the international communist movement in general and the previous high points of struggle in this country in specific.

Such are the tasks required for the formation of a revolutionary Maoist party in the United States capable of leading the masses to the conquest of power.


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