Peru mining protests affecting tourism industry in Madre de Dios

The Madre de Dios Chamber of Commerce has warned that mining protests in the area are severely affecting trade and tourism in the area.

According to Roman Meza, president of the region’s Chamber of Commerce, there have been about 4.6 million soles in losses since March 5.

Meza said 1.5 million soles had been lost due to the violent protests that occurred in Puerto Maldonado on Wednesday, when 500 protestors clashed with police, resulting in 3 deaths, and over 30 people injured.

The tourism industry, Meza said, would likely continue to suffer in the coming months.

“[Tourism] is an activity that is very sensitive to violence. This violent protest will have a short and medium term affect,” he said, according to T-News.

On Thursday Prime Minister Oscar Valdes said the government was creating a program to incorporate illegal miners, and allow them to legitimize their businesses; but said the government would maintain a firm stance against illegal mining activities.

Meza said he hoped protestors and government authorities could reach a peaceful solution to the issue, reported RPP.

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