Police hint at Kishenji aide’s hand in Palamau attack

Suspected Maoists tried to blow up a vehicle of Palamau Additional Superintendent of Police Ronald Hansda on Tuesday. Hansda, along with other policemen, narrowly escaped the attack.

This was the fifth consecutive attack in the area in the recent months killing more than a dozen policemen. It is believed that the pressure increased by the security forces in Saranda and other Maoist-affected areas, has made the Maoists move to the Palamau area.

According to police, as the Chhattisgarh border had been sealed, the Maoists, finding no way out, have been sandwiched in the jungles of Palamau area after fleeing from Saranda. In a bid to save their image and show their presence in the area, they have been attacking and blowing up the police vehicles. Sources in the police department say that one of the top CPI(Maoist) leader and Central politburo member Arvindji has become active in the area. Arvindji, at a time, was said to be a close associate of Kishenji. Highly placed sources in the police department said that Arvindji had been instrumental in the recent attacks on the policemen.

“As the operation in the Saryu and Kone area of Palamau had been increased, which was once said to be a stronghold of the Maoists since long, they are under huge pressure and hence reacting accordingly,” said State police spokesperson and IG (Provision) RK Mallick.

In a move to take revenge of the killing of Kishenji, Arvindji along with his men has pulled up his socks and trying to terrorise the area.

Some of the politicians of the area had also been targeted and their cavalcade had been attacked. Chatra parliamentarian Inder Singh Namdhari closely escaped an attack by the Maoists and Garhwa Zila Parishad president Sushma Mehta along with her body guard was even abducted to get their demands fulfilled by the State Government.

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