Police foils strike, arrest 30 students at Lira College

Police in Lira district are holding 30 students of Lira Town College for planning and attempting to carryout a strike.

The 30 students who have been arrested and detained are accused of allegedly getting involved in a strike and planning to burn down the college.

The students are said to have gone on rampage at around 2:00 am on Thursday morning and started throwing stones at the buildings.

They also broke down the window glasses and lit a huge fire within the school compound to roast the chicken they looted from the staff quarters.

George Washington Olam, the night guard in-charge Girls’ dormitory says the strike was sparked off by a disagreement on whether the students should watch a football match or go for a disco dance.

The watchman however says that police was alerted and quickly turned up at the school.

Sophie Acen, the head teacher says some girls were injured while trying to hide for fear of being raped by the rowdy boys.

Police presence at the school has been stepped up and the head teacher says that last night’s incident will help the administration weed out the wrong elements.

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