Protest Turns Heat, Police Fire Tear Gas

Central government’s plan to rise fuel (BBM) price is continuously protested by the public. Today (3/13), two demonstrations occurred in Jakarta, namely on Jl. Diponegoro, Salemba, Central Jakarta, and in front of DPR/MPR building in Senayan, South Jakarta.

Based on observations, the demonstration on Jl. Diponegoro is held by college students and started at 2.30 PM. “We demand the government to cancel their plan raising the fuel price. It suffers residents,” stated Joni, one of the protesters.

In their action, protesters had burned a tire and filled half of the roadside. When police officers from Menteng Sector Police and Central Jakarta Resort Police tried to stop their burning action, the protesters blocked them. This finally leads to clash between the two parties who were hitting each other.

The protesters then retreated and entered Salemba UKI campus. However, the clash still continued with protesters throwing sharp objects to the police. This makes the police had to fire tear gas to the protesters. But so far, no protesters are secured yet.

This demonstration causes traffic flows gridlocked and congested up to two kilometers away.

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