3,000 rocket launchers, two lakh grenades in Maoists’ arsenal

In a riveting disclosure, the state police intelligence said the Maoists’ arsenal comprises over 3,000 rocket launchers and around two lakh rocket propelled grenades.

Maoist leader Sadanala Ramakrishna who was arrested from Kolkata last week, has confessed to the police that bulk of the weapons have already reached the destination in Dandakaranya in Chattisgarh.

Security agencies claimed that over 1,000 rocket launchers were seized from Ramakrishna last week.

There has been a sea change in the design of the rockets from those which were seized in 2006 after arrest of Tech Madhu in the Nallamala forests. “The new rockets are far advanced than those and almost 90 per cent perfect in targets and explosions,” sources in the security agencies said, adding that the Maoists have revived the ‘courier system’ rather than depending on mobile codes.

The rockets designed by Tech Madhu were tested in the Nallamala forests before being  used in the Durgi police station attack in Guntur district.

Police sources said major components of the rockets and grenades are moulded in    makeshift foundries in Dandakaranya with the aluminium and zinc blocks sent from Raipur .

The Maoists have spent Rs 4 to Rs 5 crore on rocket launchers and RPGs in the past two years, they added.

Police sources claimed that the supply unit of the rocket launchers and other material were listed at a workshop in Kolkata  by the name of “Durga Technical Services” which supplied parts and also some tech services.

A total of Rs 1.23 crore was seized during last week’s raids in Mumbai and Kolkata. Parts of rocket propelled grenades worth Rs 10 lakh were seized at Raipur on the basis of information given by those arrested.

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