Tanzania: Ikwiriri Students’ Riot Destroys Property, Headmaster Suspended

IKWIRIRI Secondary School has suspended its headmaster, Mr Humphrey Mapunjo, 55, after students rioted demanding his expulsion following poor results in the 2011 national form four examinations.

Coast Regional Police Commander (RPC), Mr Ernest Mangu, said on Tuesday that the students had rioted at Ikwiriri area in Rufiji district on Monday morning, saying that several civilians and police officers sustained injuries during the riots.”Police had to use teargas to disperse rioting students who were throwing stones at people and police officers,” said the RPC adding that “the injured police officers and civilians were taken to Ikwiriri Health Centre for medical treatment.”

He explained that a police car of Land Rover make with registration numbers PT 825 and a motorcycle bearing registration numbers PT 2445 were destroyed while a Kilwa bound passenger bus christened Mashallah with registration numbers T 359 BSY was partially destroyed. “Several vehicles had been stranded for a moment after the rioting students blocked the road with logs and large stones from around 6:00 am,” said Mr Mangu.

He said after the riots, Rufiji District Executive Director (DED), and the Rufiji Municipal Council Chairman convened a meeting with the parents of the rioting students and the meeting decided to suspend the school’s headmaster. “The students calmed down after it was announced by the municipal council chairman that the school’s headmaster was suspended,” said the RPC.

Mr Mangu urged leaders of both local authorities and central government to take keen interest in people’s complaints and take the time to listen to them before matters blow out of proportion leading to disruption of peace and destruction of property, noting had the local authorities paid attention to the students’ demands, the riots could have been averted.

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