Dunlop suspends operations at Ambattur plant

The management of Dunlop India Ltd has suspended operations at its Ambattur factory from Monday night, alleging indiscipline among workers and safety concerns because of workers’ unrest.

According to a copy of the notice submitted to the BSE, the company has suspended operations from the night of February 21.

However, the workers’ unions, Dunlop Factory Employees Union and the Dunlop Anna Thozhir Sangam, have described the move as unjustified and blamed the management for delay in paying the wages and not managing production.

The notice by the management says the workers have been on illegal strike since February 10 and have intimidated management representatives. Since February 18 the management staff have not reported for duty because of safety concerns. Despatch of rubber-mixed compound from the factory to Falcon Tyres have also been affected.

According to Mr S. Ramachandran, Secretary, DFEU, the union is filing a response to the allegations. The management was entirely responsible for the shut down as it had not paid the wages for the month on time. A series of talks had been held from February 10 and the workers had been frustrated with the delay in payment which was done on February 18 after prolonged negotiations.

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