The rebellion of the masses demands the leadership of the party

The recent rioting against austerity measures in Greece is indicative of a wider problem: the total incapacity of spontaneous mass movements to pose an effective challenge to the reproduction of the bourgeois dictatorship without the strategic direction of a guiding nucleus constituted from the most advanced elements of the mass struggle and capable of determining policy through the creative application of the theoretical lessons gained from the last two centuries of experience of the proletariat and popular masses in the modern class struggle.

Such a nucleus is not an intellectual elite external to the movements of the masses directing them from “outside” but the concentration of the most advanced and determined elements of the class within a single politico-military organism. An organism able to articulate and carry out a long term strategy of war against the bourgeois dictatorship and construction of proletarian counter-power. Building the new while destroying the old.

Outside of this framework there is only a thousand and one variants of syndicalist and spontanist economism which advocate the networking of diffuse mass organizations involved in various immediate struggles without strategy or program and the elitist terrorism of tragic heroes.

To the first we can only point out that history has demonstrated that mass organizations without the leadership of a communist vanguard can neither sustain themselves in the face of systematic repression or escape the ideological domination of the bourgeois.

As for the second the militarist delusion we need only look at the recent history of Greece and observe the comprehensive failure of all the armed struggle organizations regardless of ideological complexion from CCF to N17 to even survive in the face of repression let alone wage a politically effective offensive against the state.

The resistance of the masses against imperialist barbarism and genocide demands coordination within the framework of a single strategic orientation towards the seizure of power by the proletariat, the construction of the commune state of the armed people and planned transition from commodity economy to communism.

The integration of all fronts and all aspects and areas of work, the armed front and the mass front, legal work and illegal work, organizing in workplaces, prisons, schools and neighborhoods within a single framework and towards a single objective: the seizure of state power by the proletariat and popular masses in order to implement the communist program.

Today it is the People’s wars which provide the best examples of such a practice which show the way forward for revolutionaries in all countries.

The formation of militarized Communist Parties with a mass base and a strategic line adapted to the concrete circumstances of the their own countries, avoiding both legalistic social-pacifism and adventurist militarism, rooted in all sectors of the class struggle and assimilating the historical lessons of the GPCR which is to say Maoism.

For too long the choice has been between shameless disorganization and parasitic sects which advertise a discourse without roots in practice. Neither aimless activism whether frankly reformist or bombastic in its violence or saying mass in the sparsely populated pews of political churches which claim a leadership no one has ever heard of will save us.

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