How Maoists are disrupting lives in Bihar

The last six to seven years of the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar has not seen any significant increase in Maoist violence, which nevertheless continues to take a toll of lives and government property.

According to figures compiled by the state police headquarters, in 2008, the Maoists destroyed three government buildings, blasted railway tracks at six places, besides two private buildings, torched five JCB machines used in road construction and 12 mobile phone towers.

In 2009, the ultras blew up 15 government schools and nine government buildings, destroyed rail tracks at seven places and other railway property, 17 mobile phone towers, roads at 11 places and set fire to 29 JBC machines of private road construction firms.

In 2010, eight government school buildings, four government buildings and three private houses, roads at three places and 8 mobile phone towers were destroyed and three JCB machines torched.

In 2011, the ultras blew up 13 government schools, two government buildings, five houses, railway tracks at five places and other railway properties, besides burning 22 JCB machines and 19 mobile phone towers, the figures reveal.

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