Arrests, Injuries in West Bank March to Support Prisoner’s Rights

On Friday, three journalists and a private citizen were injured and dozens more were tear-gassed after Israeli forces suppressed a march of “solidarity and reacting with the prisoner Khader Adnan” in the village of al-Nabi Saleh, northwest of Ramallah.

The Israeli forces attacked the citizens with tear gas, rubber bullets and waste water during a weekly march, in order to prevent the protest from reaching lands that are in danger of confiscation. The peace march included children, women and foreign peace activists.

Encouraged by a large turnout at the march, the participants shouted slogans that condemned the Israeli occupation and settlements, and supported the prisoner, Khader Adnan, who has been on hunger strike for more than 57 days. His hunger strike has triggered similar hunger strikes among other prisoners. They also shouted slogans that condemn the settlers for their attempt to burn Tamim Bin Aws al-Dari Mosque in the same village last week. The protesters further denounced the arrest of the martyr Mustafa al-Tamimi’s brother and attacks on other citizens.

Anticipating a high attendance, Israeli forces closed all the entrances to al-Nabi Saleh village at dawn, imposing a tight security cordon around it, and announced by megaphone that the area was a closed, military zone. Dozens more soldiers spread out in the village.

Eyewitnesses reported that those injured during the march were a photographer from the Turkish network TRT, a photographer from the New York Times, a Palestinian journalist, Ahmad Musleh, and another Palestinian youth.

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