Govt to Deploy Military, Security Personnel to teach amid Open Strike

AMMONNEWS – Personnel from Military Forces and other security apparatus agencies will undertake teaching and operations of the public sector schools as teachers continue their open strike, an informed state official said.

The source told Ammon News that military personnel will temporarily work in various public schools and will start on Monday, as public sector teachers continue in their open strike until their demands of 100 percent raise on base salaries, among others, are met.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister Awn Khasawneh on Friday reiterated that the government cannot respond to teachers’ demand for an immediate 100 per cent pay raise, citing lack of funds in this year’s budget and appealed to educators, who started an open-ended strike five days ago, to resume their work.

In an interview with Jordan Television’s “60 Minutes,” Khasawneh said the government has alternatives if the work stoppage continues, but he stopped short of specifying the “options stipulated by the law”.

“Government employees cannot legally stay out of work,” he said.”At this stage, I only appeal to teachers to go back to classes.”

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