Maoist owns up bomb threat

Imphal, February 07, 2012: The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur in a press statement claimed that the bomb threat and firing at the house of Thokchom Achouba of Lambal Makha Leikai was carried out by its cadres.

The threat was given to let Achouba know the result of challenging Maoist and siphoning off the mid day meals and other funds meant for the school children.

In the statement, Maoist claimed that Achouba along with some officials of the ZEO Zone I, Sekmai and some other persons were involved in selling rice for mid day meals, adding more names of students in the list, taking bribe in appointing Cook and collecting black money from many persons promising them contract works for school building extensions.

Instead of correcting their mistakes when Maoist gave them time since the past months, he along with some of his accomplices challenged the Maoist with the help of some armed gang.

When the gang group failed to do anything against Maoist, Achouba again plotted to stand against Maoist with the help of one person from Lamdeng Khunou.

Considering such act of Achouba, Maoist has decided not to forgive him anymore for his misdeeds and warned that Maoist will anytime attack him.

It also appealed to the people of the state not to react against any action taken up against Achouba and his accomplices.

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