Cop shoots woman protester

A woman collapsed after being shot at close range by a police officer
during a protest march held by vendors and transport operators.
The incident has happened barely two weeks after two people were shot
at by police during a protest march last week.
Police claimed the two were wanted for robbery but this was disputed
by the two who were also present during Friday’s protest.
Rose Fakudze had in fact turned her back to walk away from about 10
officers who had blocked the road when the incident happened.
Fakudze, who is from Makhewu, was accompanied by her niece and colleague
who asked the officer why he shot a defenceless woman.
“Nimudubulelani?” she asked after which the officer allegedly replied,
It is not clear whether Fakudze was shot with a rubber bullet, teargas
canister or live bullet but she was shot within a distance of less
than two meters.
The shot finger bled profusely and she did not receive any first aid until she collapsed.
She refused to tie a cloth around her wound as she wanted the officer
to explain why he shot her. She followed the group of police officers to the police station shouting:
“ngitawumema la kuwe uze ungitjele kutsi ungidubuleleni,” she said, meaning ‘I will follow you until you explain to my why you shot me’. Fearing that the situation would turn more violent, police retreated
to the head quarters and the entrance was blocked.
Scores of residents gathered outside the police station demanding
answers but the police kept saying they would investigate.
The vendors had been protesting since 9am in an attempt to meet the
town council concerning the move from the old bus rank to the new
A court order was obtained from the magistrate court to stop the march
but this angered the vendors as the town board has agreed on Friday that it would go ahead.
This angered the vendors and transport operators who demanded to
continue with the march but riot police were called and they moved in.
A few minutes after being shot, Fakudze collapsed because she had been
bleeding for some time and a plastic was used to tie her to stop her
from bleeding further.
A police officer tried to calm the crowd and said that police would
investigate what happened but the vendors refused to listen.
“We won’t go out until the police officer comes out to answer. We want
him to answer,” they said.
Some of them vowed that they would take the law into their own hands.

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