‘Top rebel’ set for transfer to district jail in Bacolod

The Bacolod City District Jail is preparing security plans for the transfer of top leader Romeo Nanta from the Negros Occidental Provincial jail in Bago City.

BJMP warden, Chief Insp. Gilbert Peremne said in a television interview yesterday that it is not yet certain when Nanta will be transferred but assured that the security preparations are now in place at the jail.

Peremne said Nanta will be jailed in an ordinary prison cell and get no special treatment. He also expressed apprehension over Nanta’s transfer to the Bacolod BJMP, as the alleged rebel leader might influence other inmates.

Peremne added that Nanta will be safe at the Bacolod BJMP and that his family should not worry.

Nanta has requested the Regional BJMP to transfer him from the Provincial District Jail to the Bacolod City District jail in Brgy. Taculing for security reasons.

Nanta, with the three aliases of Juanito Magbanua, Jack Nanta, Islaw and Kulas, also served as the commander of the NPA in central Negros, and also ranked number three in the Komiteng Rehiyon-Negros hierarchy, next only to priest-turned-rebel Frank Fernandez and his deputy secretary, Cleofe Lagtapon.

He was arrested by the police and the military in Brgy. Zone 2, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental last year by virtue of arrest warrants for rebellion, robbery-in-band, attempted and frustrated murder issued by Judges Moises Nifras of the San Carlos City Regional Trial Court, Jose Aguirre of the Himamaylan City Regional Trial Court and Victor Magahud of the Ilog-Candoni Municipal Circuit Trial Court.

Nifras denied Nanta bail for robbery-in-band charges, while both Aguirre and Magahud recommended P200,000 bail for the charges of rebellion, frustrated murder and attempted murder.*APN

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