Thousands of Indonesia Workers on Strike

No less than 20 thousand workers from many labor unions joining in “Bekasi Labor Movement” went protesting today. The protesters are concentrated in several industrial areas such as East Jakarta Industrial Park (EJIP) Cikarang, Megalopolis Manunggal (MM2100) Industrial Town Cibitung, and Jababeka Industrial Park, Cikarang.

The action was carried out as a form of the workers’ disappointment over the approval of Indonesian Entrepreneur Association (Apindo)’s lawsuit by the Bandung Administration Court regarding Minimum Wage Rates (UMK) in Bekasi Regency. This means that based on the court decision, the proposed minimum wage in Bekasi of Rp1.491 million per month is canceled.

Prior to the demonstration, protesters dropped by various companies in the area to invite other on-duty workers to join them to the streets.

“There were tensions during the sweeping, but because there were more people doing the sweeping, they (the on-duty workers) gave up and joined the protest,” said Obon Tabroni, the coordinator of Bekasi Labor Movement to VIVAnews on Friday, Jan 27th.

Thousand of workers were on motorcycles and 4-wheel vehicles moving towards West Cikarang toll gate to block the road.  “There were hundreds of police officers on guard, but the situation is still under control,” said Obon.

The action, Obon said, is also a form of resistance against Apindo who was considered to have ignored the lawsuit revocation agreement twice.

“We have made an agreement twice to ease the action, but they (Apindo) ignored the agreement twice and still continued the process in Bandung Administration Court,” said Obon.

Other than blocking the toll road, the workers will also conduct a rally in this action.  The rally will be performed in 2 locations, namely the horse monument in Jababeka Industrial Area, and at the intersection of EJIP Industrial Area Lippo.

“The series of actions this Friday will be performed until 5 PM.  If we don’t receive any response, then we will return with more people on Monday,” said Obon.



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