Maoist institutes new Manipur Labour Policy

In their quest to provide better lifestyle and standard assistance to the labour community in the state, the Maoist Communist Party, Manipur in a press statement claimed that the organisation has successfully instituted a historic Manipur Labour Policy and the same has been discussed and approved by the private employers in the state.

In the statement, Maoist stated that labours will be classified into two categories viz: permanent labour and temporary labour according to the new policy.

Permanent labours will enjoy pencil schemes and medical allowances while temporary labours will enjoy medical allowances to some extent.

As per the policy all the worksheds or offices shall have first aid items readily available in case of medical emergency.

Besides safe drinking water at the worksites, all the offices shall subscribe newspapers and monthly journals as an education policy for the labours.

Offices where male and female labours work jointly shall have separate toilets and changing rooms for male and female labours to maintain their privacies.

In order to prevent unwanted incidents, all kinds of intoxicants shall not be allowed in the premises of the work site.

A recess break of 45 minutes shall be provided to all the labours at a fixed time during their eight hours of work in the offices.

Proper refreshment items should be provided during the recess break.

Wages shall be determined by the labours after studying the social economy and inflation situation.

Moreover, male and female labours shall be given equal amount of wages for similar works.

Permanent labours shall enjoy 60 % of their daily wages if they could not attend the work due to illness.

Employers shall also provide 70 % of the amount if a permanent labour is hospitalised.

In case of temporary labours, they will enjoy 50% of their wages if they got ill during their work and the employer shall provide 50% of the amount if they are hospitalised.

Compensation amount for labours if they got expired during executing their work for their offices, will be finalised by February 15, Maoist stated while adding that the new labour policy will be a landmark for the labour community in the state as well as for Maoist Communist Party in their New Democratic Revolution.

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