Maoists seek PUCL ex-secy as mediator in kidnapping case

The CPI (Maoist) wants former secretary of the People’s Union of Civil Liberty Shashi Bhushan Pathak to negotiate with the State Government on the behalf of the organisation for the release of abducted cop Sunesh Ram who was abducted nine days back when red rebels had killed 13 police cops in a landmine blast in Garhwa.

Speaking from an unknown location CPI (Maoist) spokesperson Sudhirji said that his organisation wished Pathak to negotiate with the Government.

“I wish Shashi Bhushan Pathak to negotiate with the Government on behalf of us. We treat Sunesh Ram as war prisoner…he is safe in our custody,” he said. For his release Maoists have set two demands – immediate halt over Operation Green Hunt and withdrawal of security forces, from Saryu, Oriya and Kone area under Garhwa, Latehar and adjoining areas engaged in anti-Maoist security operation.

“If the Government gives signal we will like to negotiate with the Government. Ending operation and erecting security bandobast are our specific demands,” he said. The Government is trading cautiously over the proposal but joint security operation was suspended two days back after the family members of Ram requested police to stop it in order to save his life.

“As per their demand we have stopped the operation for two days, now we will wait and watch for the next move by them,” said Director General of Police, GRS Rath. “I have been offered to mediate between the police and the Maoists,” said Pathak confirmed.

“In fact, I got to know on Sunday that they have named me as their mediator. I got a call form one Sudheerji who claimed himself as Zonal Commander called me up,” added Pathak.

Pathak sought time whether he would like to mediate between Maoists and police but appeared willing to do it.

Taking about his next move, Pathak said that he will first see the intention of the police. “It is essential that they must act positively for the safe release of Sunesh Ram. After any positive response from the police, I will proceed, he said.

Skeptical after taking to the IG Resi Dungdung, Pathak said there was no harm in removing the police picket as it is a matter of life of a policeman, and every body’s life is precious.

“Being a human rights activist I will be happiest person in the world, if Sunesh Ram is released,” said Pathak.

The Maoists have said that Sunesh Ram will be released after police removes pickets and order forces back to barrack.



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