Italy anti-austerity protests reach Sicily

In Sicily, a series of strikes organized by protest movements has brought the island to its knees.

The Shock Wave Group – composed of angry truck drivers – and the Sicilian haulage companies association blocked roads, motorways and the gates of the major ports in the past days.

Their roadblocks and blockades have led to a lack of petrol at gas stations all over the island. On certain highways the price of fuel jumped to 3 Euros a liter and groceries became a scarce resource in shops and supermarkets.

Truck drivers believe that the price of fuel has reached unsustainable levels as the cost to transport goods is greater than the cost of the actual products.

Among the most combative protest groups, Pitchforks Movement gathers Sicilian farmers and self-declares itself as non-political. However, many political analysts have observed that the group is also supported by far-right and neo-fascist organizations and parties.

The movement – according to its leader – has over 100,000 members who are eager to free Sicily from the bondage of its murky politics.

Many Sicilians have not hesitated to refer to the protest as a new revolution against – what they call – their oppressors. More strikes and protest activities are expected in the coming days

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