RPF congratulates Maoist attack on Bhandara PS

Imphal, January 22, 2012: The proscribed UG group RPF today congratulated the Maoist attack on the Bhandaria Police Station of West Bengal left 13 policemen dead including the Officer-in-Charge. In a statement, RPF stated “India government had proudly claimed near elimination of Maoist movement after killing Kishenji (Koteswar Rao) 55yrs at Burisole forest area of West Midnapore District (West Bengal), 10 km away from Jharkhand border on November 11 last year”.

“However, the success in killing 13 police personnel including the officer-in-charge of Bhandaria police station yesterday at noon by exploding a powerful landmine bomb near Garhwa Jungle of Jharkhand District demonstrated Maoist fighters are not demoralized.

People are looking forward to such more successful series of offensives on India government by Maoist comrades” RPF stated expressing high regards for the Maoist.

“The RPF/PLA will continue to extend fullest cooperation and help to the armed campaign by Maoist to root out the corrupted Indian government, which supports the rich and stands against the poor and to bring a classless society, where all are equal.

The RPF/PLA will also continue to have friendly ties with Maoist” it added.

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