The People’s war in India: Not merely a object of solidarity, but an example to follow

It must be clearly understood that the development of the class struggle into an armed struggle of protracted duration is an inevitable feature of any revolutionary process today.

The development of mass organs of popular counter-power through and in the course of the armed struggle is the only realistic means of constructing the new state while destroying the old state.

This is what is universally applicable in the theory of Protracted People’s War, the mobilization of the masses for armed struggle and through armed struggle. The development of base areas outside the effective control of the reactionary state power where a new economy and a new culture can develop as the revolutionary process advances.

In certain parts of the world it may be reasonable to follow the strategy of giving primary importance to the rural areas and secondary importance to urban areas. However this is not applicable in the imperialist metropole and with increasing global urbanization tends to be superseded everywhere.

Regardless history provides many examples of more or less successful armed struggle in urban environments from the German Revolution to the Irish Republican movement.

The proletarian Party is first and foremost a machine for civil war. Before the initiation of armed struggle all mass work must prepare this initiation by escalating the level of confrontation and continually posing the general question of political power of class dictatorship in every intermediate struggle.

This is nothing to do with some sort of adventurist isolationism remote from the everyday practical concerns of the broad masses. On the contrary the immediate material needs of the majority can only be resolved through progressively broader and more intense struggles against the whole repressive machinery of the bourgeois state from the police and military to the regime unions and imperialist funded non-profits-struggles which advance to the level of civil war through their own internal logic.

Today it is the responsibility of communists to begin the long patient march of preparatory mobilization for war-not to perform the dirty work of cooption and preventative pacification of working class discontent through the whole sophisticated industrial machinery for diffusion of social conflict of the official “left” in the name of a spurious realism.

The communist movement in India is for us in the metropole not an exotic curiosity to be admired from a distance but on the contrary is indicative despite the particularities of semi-feudalism of the path forward for the international communist movement in general not only in the “backward” countries.



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