Relatives of inmates rally in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Relatives of inmates of the pretrial detention center-1 begin a rally in front of the Government House in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Around 20 people, mostly women, are participating in an action.

One of protestors Umutai Borkobaeva says a hunger strike was held last year in the pretrial detention center-1. ‘Inmates demanded resignation of the chief of the State service of corrections Sheishenbek Baizakov. I think this is why the special operation on January 16 was conducted in the pretrial detention center-1 not in other colonies,’ said Umutai Borkobaeva.

Another protestor Meerim Arykova stressed that they demand deputies of the Parliament and authorities to create normal conditions in places of confinement. ‘They feed our children with expired, rotten foodstuff. There are no any conditions for normal meals and residence. We will keep rallying until our demands will be met,’ Meerim Arykova added.

Policemen are maintaining order.

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