Oil equipment company shuts down Colombian rigs due to unrest


Energy equipment conglomerate Estrella International Energy Services has shut down its Colombian rigs and platforms after labor unrest and demonstrations directed towards its client Ecopetrol, reported energy publication Platts Monday.

In its statement the company did not identify the affected rigs, but 17 of the 25 rigs which Estrella operate in South America are near the Colombian city of Barrancabermeja, in the department of Santander.

The work stoppages of employees of Colombia’s state-run petrol company, Ecopetrol, started last month, over a dispute about contracted workers.

According to newspaper Vanguardia Liberal, Orlando Mauricio Sanchez, the superintendent of Ecopetrol’s Cira-Infantas field, said that 2,524 workers of 3,134 still did not appear for work even though the strike ended last week.

He also said that Ecopetrol will not negotiate while vandalism, and threats to workers who are not striking, are being committed.

The unrest started in December, when community representatives requested that the work history of four Estrella employees to be reviewed, to ensure that they met requirements.

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