Karkala: Naxal Gang Appears at Nadpal Village

Karkala, Jan 14: It is learnt that a gang of naxals visited Ajjolli area within Nadpal village near Hebri on Thursday January 12 night, and collected food stuffs, grains etc from some houses there.

The gang had nine members including two women.

It may be recalled that naxals had asserted their appearance in Western Ghat region recently, by killing Kabbninale Sadashiva Gowda, who was regarded by them as a police informer. Thereafter, they had pasted posters in Mala in Karkala taluk and Sringeri, before throwing around some pamphlets. A few days later, a gang of naxals had been sighted by the policemen near Barkana Falls. The gang had succeeded in escaping after noticing the police party from a distance, and after briefly engaging the police in an exchange of fire.

The movement of naxals has been giving sleepless nights to the people of the region, as they fear being grilled by the police about the naxal visit and possible naxal reprisal thereafter.

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