Brief takeover of radio station by anarchists; 20 arrested

A group of some 30 self-styled anarchists staged a brief takeover of private FLASH radio station just before noon on Tuesday.

The group stormed into the studio and disrupted the programme on air at the time, read out a statement of support for the Revolutionary Struggle terrorist group broadcast on air, and an extensive economic analysis of the crisis in Greece.

They then exited the studio, but remained on the radio station premises because police had gathered outside, while the scheduled programme resumed broadcasting.

The take-over finally ended just before 3:00 p.m. when police moved in and arrested 20 people.

The anarchists repeatedly demanded that police depart so that they could leave the radio station but authorities refused. Following negotiations with police, they finally exited the radio station and were arrested in the presence of a public prosecutor and led to police headquarters.

They are to be charged with “praising criminal acts”, “provoking unrest” and related offences and will be led before a public prosecutor on Wednesday.


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